Best Beaches in Zanzibar for Your Holiday!


This guide is for you if you are looking for the best beaches in Zanzibar! Zanzibar is a Tropical archipelago found just a few miles from Tanzania. Now, Zanzibar is becoming a most popular destination among tourists from all corners of the globe.

Whether you’re arriving from Tanzania Mainland after an exhilarating safari adventure or flying directly to Zanzibar from your home country, chances are you’re looking to soak up the sun and have your best time to enjoy the beach. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the finest beaches where you can unwind and make the most of your Zanzibar getaway.

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Here is a list the best beaches in Zanzibar islands.

Kendwa Beach

drone view kendwa beach

Kendwa beach is located on the North West part of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). About 66.2 km from Zanzibar Airport and 61.7 km from Stone town.

Kendwa beach is considered as the best beach in Zanzibar Islands and Tanzania as a whole. The perfect beach for swimming, diving, Sunbathing and many more! The beach is the home of different adventurous activities like Kayaking, Skydiving, Jet Skiing, Dhow Cruises,  and so on. 

The ocean tides at Kendwa beach don’t change compared to other beaches, this is the unique feature of this beach. For those in search of vibrant nightlife, Kendwa Beach is famed for its Full Moon Party held monthly at the Kendwa Rocks Hotel.

How to get to Kendwa beach?

You can book a transport here to take you to Kendwa Beach from the Airport!

places to stay at Kendwa beach

Luxury Hotels at the Kendwa Beach

Please check out our best Hotels to stay in Kendwa Beach

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi beach is located on the North part of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). It is about 67.4 km from Zanzibar Airport and 62.9 km from Stone Town. It has been listed among the best beaches in Africa by CNN Travel for the year 2017.

Nungwi beach is the most famous and legendary of Zanzibar beaches. Here you will expect to find many tourists, restaurants and activities like swimming, Horse riding, Kayaking, Swimming with turtles and Diving. Regarding scuba diving, Nungwi is a popular place with dive centers in Zanzibar.

And in case you are a solo traveler and looking to make new friends, then Nungwi beach is a place to start meeting new people. Masais and Beach boys are always hanging out and selling their hand works and tours to the tourists, but be careful when choosing who you are going to be friends with.

How to get to Nungwi beach?

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Cheap Places to stay in Nungwi beach

Luxury Hotels in Nungwi beach

Matemwe Beach

Matemwe beach is located on the North East coast of Zanzibar. It is about 53.2 km from Zanzibar Airport and 48.7 km from Stone town (Zanzibar city).

If you are looking for the best snorkeling spot in Zanzibar, then you should go to Mnemba Island snorkeling trip at Matemwe beach. This place is famous for snorkeling. Fishing activities is forbidden near the Island, that is why you can see different beautiful sea creatures like Green turtles, Indo-pacific sergeant, Titan triggerfish, Twobar anemonefish, Moorish Idol and so on. 

You can also spot dolphins while snorkeling, but it is not hundred percent, and you have to go early in the morning. Matemwe beach is not huge and famous like Kendwa beach, Nungwi or Paje and Jambiani beaches. But this is an amazing beach in Zanzibar for snorkeling!

How to get to Matemwe beach?

Here you can now book a transport!

Cheap places to stay in Matemwe beach

Luxury Hotels in Matemwe beach

Check out more the list of best Hotels in Matemwe.

Pwani Mchangani Beach

tourists on the beach

Pwani Mchangani beach is located on the North East part of Zanzibar Island. About 47.8 km from Zanzibar Airport and 43.3 km from Stone Town.

This is the perfect beach for Kiteboarding activities on the north east of Zanzibar. You can also do other things like Quad/ ATVs Adventures, swimming, sunbathing, going game fishing and diving. 

But, even Though Pwani Mchangani beach is a perfect place for kiteboarding, We highly recommend you to stay on Paje beach if it is your interest to do Kiting. This is because there are more kiting schools and a lot of like minded tourists than in Pwani Mchangani.

How to get to Pwani Mchangani beach?

You may click here to book a transport!

Cheap places to stay in Pwani Mchangani

Luxury Hotels in Pwani Mchangani beach

Explore our best list of Hotels to stay in Pwani Mchangani.

Kiwengwa Beach

front view kiwengwa beach

Kiwengwa beach is located on the East part of Zanzibar (Unguja island). It is about 45.7 km from Zanzibar Airport and 43.3 km from Zanzibar city.

This is among the best beaches to stay in Zanzibar, the whitest and longest beach on the west of Unguja Island. Perfect beach for swimming, sunbathing, kiteboarding etc.

Kiwengwa beach is situated between Matemwe beach and Pongwe, which is perfect spot if you are looking to explore the most of Zanzibar Islands. From there you can organize trips to the north of the Island, South and in Stone Town. 

The beach is occupied by Hotels and resorts which receive a lot of tourists from Italy and other European countries.

How to get to Kiwengwa beach?

You may book a transport here!

Cheap Hotels & accommodation at Kiwengwa beach

Luxury Hotels and Resorts at Kiwengwa beach

Explore more to our list of the best Hotels to stay in Kiwengwa. 

Uroa Beach

side view uroa beach

Uroa beach is located on the East part of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). About 40.7 km from Zanzibar Airport and 38.3 km from Stone Town.

If you are planning only staying in the Hotel or just walking around the hotel’s beach, it might be option for you, 

Uroa beach is a very quiet beach, the wind here is so relaxing and amazing!! There are not too many beach activities, like other beaches.  

But, if you are really interested in beach walking, meeting new friends, doing some activities like Nightclubs, Diving, Snorkeling etc. this may not be the best option for you. You should go to other beaches like Kendwa and Nungwi beaches.

How to get to Uroa beach?

You can get your private transport here!

Cheap Hotels at Uroa beach

Luxury Hotels at Uroa beach;

Pongwe Beach

Pongwe beach is located next to Uroa beach before you arrive at Kiwengwa beach. It looks similar to Uroa beach, its village’s occupations are the same; they are small-scale fishers, they use traditional ways of fishing. 

Pongwe beach is where you can find Rock Restaurant like The Rock Restaurant in Michamvi. Which is called The Island. If you are interested to check the real life of Zanzibar locals in their village, you can stay here and have a time to visit the villages.

Michamvi beach

Michamvi beach village is found on the Michamvi peninsula East Coast of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). About 64.6 km from Zanzibar Airport and 63.7 km from Stone Town.

Because of its peninsula, Michamvi beach is divided into two parts; Michamvi Pingwe on the East part and Michamvi Kae on West,

Michamvi Pingwe beach is where the famous The Rock Restaurant is found. The Rock Restaurant is the popular restaurant in Zanzibar which is found on the rock, during high tides, it is surrounded by water and during low tides it becomes dry and you can’t even imagine if the water will surround this beautiful rock. Visiting the Rock Restaurant can be combined with Snorkeling at Blue lagoon.

The restaurant is famous on instagram photos about Zanzibar. They have both tables for Vegetarian and non Vegetarians, you only need to book your table before you arrive at this Restaurant. 

And, Michamvi Kae is the west part of michamvi peninsula, this is the only beach in Zanzibar South East where you can see the sunset. If you have enough budget you can book your stay at Isaraya Water Villas at Konokono Beach Resort, These are the luxurious overwater villas which are only found at Michamvi beach in Zanzibar.

How to get to Michamvi beach?

You may book a transport here.

Cheap Hotels to stay at Michamvi beach

Luxury Hotels at Michamvi beach

You can learn more from our list of the best Hotels to stay in Michamvi beach.

Bwejuu beach

bwejuu beach view

Bwejuu beach is located western part of Unguja Island (Zanzibar), between Michamvi beach on the north and Paje beach on South. About 52.9 km from Zanzibar Airport and 52.0 km from Stone Town (City).

Bwejuu beach is the best choice if you want to visit Zanzibar for relaxation and enjoying your Holiday, this is the quietest beach, no too many activities compared to other populated beaches. 

This is the ideal beach when you are coming from Mainland for Safaris, and now you need time for relaxation with your family, friends, or couples. Also, this is perfect beach if you are coming to Zanzibar for your Honeymoon.

How to get to Bwejuu beach?

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Cheapest Hotels/ accommodation at Bwejuu beach

Luxurious Hotels at Bwejuu beach

Check out our list of the best Hotels to stay in Bwejuu beach.

Paje Beach

Paje beach is located on the South East coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja). Located between Bwejuu beach and Jambiani beach. About 49.8 km from Zanzibar Airport and 49.0 km from Stone Town.

Paje beach is considered as the best beach for Kiting in Zanzibar Islands. If you are interested in kiting for your Holiday, we highly recommend you stay at this beach. Not only Kiting sport, but also a great place where you can organise for Dolphins, Snorkeling, diving and other activities. 

There are plenty of local stores where you can go and buy your tropical fruits, local snacks & soft drinks, or hand works like sculptures and paintings. 

Paje beach is among the best Holiday destinations for Kiting in Africa Continent. Also, you can buy different tours & excursions; Jozani Forest, Snorkeling trips, Stone town tour, Spice tours and so on.

How to get to Paje Beach?

Here you may start booking a transport.

Cheap Places to stay in Paje beach

Luxurious Hotels in Paje Beach

Check out more about the best Hotels to stay in Paje Beach.

Jambiani Beach

jambiani beach east part

Jambiani Beach is located on the South East coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja). About 55.6 km from Zanzibar Airport and 54.7 km from Stone Town.

Clean and white sand beach with various local restaurants you can find at this beach. 

Beautiful beach for swimming during high tides but it is difficult during low tides. Ideal beach for Kite Surfing, Snorkeling and diving, there are different species of tropical fishes like Seahorses, Coral trout, Jobfish, Trevallies etc.  

Jambiani beach is featured with seaweed women farmers, you may find them when you walk on a beach especially during low tide time. Cuza cave is the must visit place when you stay at Jambiani beach Zanzibar. This is the ancient limestone Cave with crystal clear turquoise water for swimming. 

You can participate in various activities in the cave like local drumming, dancing, and traditional cooking class. This place is visited by different tourists from different other beaches, not just Jambiani beach.

How to get to Jambiani beach?

Here you can book a transport.

Cheap Hotels at Jambiani Beach

Luxurious Hotels in Jambiani Beach

Learn more from our to the best Hotels to stay in Jambiani.

Kizimkazi Beach

boats on kizimkazi beach

Kizimkazi beach is located on the Southern part of Zanzibar Island (Unguja), at Kizimkazi Fishers village. About 60.2 km from the Airport and 59.3 km from the Stone Town.

Kizimkazi beach is a famous beach in Zanzibar for swimming with Dolphins, so many tourists book their boat trips to swim with the wild dolphins and snorkeling. If you are looking for a less touristy beach in Zanzibar, then Kizimkazi beach is for you. This is the local fishermen village with not too many Hotels, Bars, or restaurants compared to all other beaches in Zanzibar. 

Also, the history of Dimbani Mosque at Kizimkazi village is another thing that Kizimkazi is known for, this Mosque was built in 1107 by Shirazi Settlers.

How to get to Kizimkazi Beach?

You may book a taxi here.

Cheap Hotels at Kizimkazi beach

Luxury Hotels at Kizimkazi Beach

Explore from our guide of the best Hotels to stay in Kizimkazi.

Mtende Beach

mtende beach drone view

This is the smallest beach in Zanzibar found at the Eden Rock Zanzibar Hotel in Makunduchi, at Mtende Village. Here at Zanziworld Tours, we receive different booking requests to provide transport for the Travelers who want to go to this beautiful and tranquil beach. 

We normally take them in the morning and back to their Hotels during the evening because we provide them full day trip to this place and other places like Jozani Forest, Cuza Cave and the Rock Restaurant. But, if you are thinking of staying close to this beach, then you can book your room at the Eden Rock Zanzibar Hotel.

Mnemba Island Beach

mnemba island beach

Mnemba island is a private Island located on the northern east coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja), in Matemwe village. The beach is private, with super white and clean sands. 

Swimming with Dolphins, Whale sharks; Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Sun bathing; all you can do at Mnemba Island.

If you have enough budget and are looking for an unforgettable honeymoon with privacy, then Mnemba Island is best for you. You can book your stay at Mnemba Island via the AndBeyond website. Price for Mnemba Island starts at $1270 Price includes all other activities in the Island.

If you are only interested in snorkeling near this beautiful coral private Island, we have a daily trip to Mnemba Island for Snorkeling.

Forodhani Beach


This beach is located near to Forodhani Garden in Stone town. The popular beach in Zanzibar for locals who live around Zanzibar City, it is crowded with young locals, children and Tourists especially during the weekend and every evening before the sunset. This is one of the best place to watch the Sunset in Zanzibar.

You can go watch local boys performing Dives, acrobats and capoeira during the evening. It’s free and they are very friendly with tourists. Forodhani beach is a departure place to the Prison Island.

Nakupenda Beach

nakupenda sandbank

Nakupenda Sandbank is about a 20 minutes boat trip from the stone town. Nakupenda beach is listed on Top Travelers Choice Beach in Africa – TripAdvisor 2020. This is one among snorkeling spots near Stone town. Best place to chill for couples, Families, Friends. 

How to Go to Nakupenda Beach?

If you are interested in going to Nakupenda Sandbank, you can start here. This day trip includes Tropical fruits, soft drinks, fresh Seafood BBQ, local boat and so on.

Prison Island Beach

Prison Island is famous for the Giant Tortoises, but the beach is another thing that many people do not talk about. Small but perfect beach for sunbathing, playing with families, couples and so on. 

Also you can do snorkeling at the prison island in case you go with us. But let be clear that, Prison Island is not best for snorkeling there fore we go to the next small island called Bawe island for snorkeling experiences.

After watching tortoises and snorkeling, most of our travelers decide to relax on the beach. If you want to visit the Prison Island, we  may help you start here!

Chapwani Island Beach

Chapwani is a private Island surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, it is located near Stone town, about 20 minutes boat trip from the coast of Zanzibar Stone town. Chapwani island is also known as Grave Island, this is because of the existence of graves of Casualties from the First World War.

This is a private Island, so there is no crowd like any other beaches in Zanzibar. Best place for Swimming and Snorkeling, sunbathing. In order to get to Chapwani Island, you will need to firstly book your stay through their official website.

Dongwe Beach

Dongwe beach is between Bwejuu and Michamvi beaches in Zanzibar South east. This is a small beach which gives you a real indian ocean feel. Beautiful lined palm trees which give amazing relaxing shadows for travelers. 

This beach is so relaxing, there are huts you can go to relax and hide from the shiny sun during the day. You can also book trips to Snorkeling, Diving, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, going to Cuza cave, Jozani forest etc.

Chumbe Island

Chumbe island is a natural coral park Island of Zanzibar located on the South western coast of Unguja Island, about 8 miles from the coast. This is a 16 acre stunning marine island park which includes beautiful natural coral reefs sanctuary and forest. 

Its beach is not too big but there are a lot of other amazing things to do; like Snorkeling, Diving, Forest Walking, going to see coconut crabs during the night, intertidal walks during the low tide, Historical monuments. If you are only looking for the beach not other activities, then this is the not best option for you, because the main activity here is snorkeling.

Bawe Island beach

Bawe Island is located about 5 miles off the west coast of Zanzibar Island. It is an approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Stone Town. Bawe has a heaven beach in Zanzibar Archipelago with pristine white sands, turquoise calm water, and lined with natural good looking trees. 

A lot of fascinating fish species, coral reefs which give a paradise experience for snorkelers and divers. You can book Bawe Island with just one Villa or an entire Island. If you are visiting Zanzibar with a group of friends, families, then Bawe Island is best for you.

Check out our tour to Prison Island & Bawe Island Snorkeling.

Fumba Beach

fumba beach menai

Located on Fumba peninsula, west coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja). This beach is famous for Safari Blue Trip and here is a starting point where tourists get on the Traditional boats and start their trip toward Menai Bay conservation area. There are so many activities on this trip like swimming, snorkeling, sandbank relaxing, visiting Kwale Island and having seafood lunch with tropical fruits.

Misali Island

misali beach

This island is located near Chake Chake coast in Pemba Island. It is an isolated island from the tourists. If you are staying on Pemba Island and looking for the best place for snorkeling and diving, this is the best island to visit; a lot of sea creatures like green turtles, hawksbill turtles and varieties of sea species.

You can also go see Caves, Vervet Monkeys, coconut crabs, and other animal species, but there are no dangerous animals around the Island. There are no lodges or villas around this Island, but it is surrounded by the sandy beach that will make you feel like home. You can ask your Hotel to organize you to visit this island, all Hotels in Pemba will be able to take you there.

Vuma wimbi Beach

vuma wimbi island beach

Clean and tranquil beach in Zanzibar which is found on the north western coast of Pemba Island, at the east side of Kigomasha Peninsula just a few miles from Ngezi Forest. Clear and crystalline water with white sands make this beach to be unique on the north part of Pemba Island.

Summary About Zanzibar Beaches

As you can see in the above list, we have mentioned about the best beaches you can visit here in Zanzibar. But it could be hard for you to decide which one you should go to. 

So, here is a our take a way summary that will help you to decide which beach is for you to visit according to our experience.

Best Beaches for Families in Zanzibar

Best Beaches in Zanzibar For couples

Which Beaches are the Best for Group Travelers in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar Beaches to Avoid Crowds

Beaches for Budget Travelers in Zanzibar

Beaches for Snorkeling experience

Best Beach in Zanzibar for Nightlife.

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