Best Hotels to Stay in Pwani Mchangani

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Explore Our Best Hotels in Pwani Mchangani

Here is the list of our handpicked Hotels in Pwani Mchangani Beach Zanzibar. Take a time to explore and let us help you plan your best holiday!

FAQ about Best Hotels in Pwani Mchangani

What are the popular Hotels in Pwani Mchangani Beach?

Some of the favored hotels for travelers seeking places to stay in Pwani Mchangani include Neptune Pwani Beach Resort, Next Paradise and SBH Kilindini Resort.

What are the top-rated resorts in Pwani Mchangani?

The top rated Hotels in Pwani Mchangani beach are Neptune Pwani Beach Resort, Next Paradise, Marijani Beach Resort and SBH Kilindini Resort. These Hotels considered as the best of Pwani Mchangani beach, but there are also some small Hotels you can check out.

What are the popular activities to do at Pwani Mchangani?

Pwani Mchangani is not far from the activities, you can organize all tours while staying there. From Quad Bike Tours, Kiting to Fishing. Also remember that, the village is close to Matemwe beach, so you can organize Mnemba Dolphins and Snorkeling.

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What are the popular attractions in Pwani Mchangani Beach?

The closest attractions in Pwani Mchangani beach is Mnemba Island, Kiting and Diving centers but also you can take a day tour to to other attractions outside Pwani Mchangani. 

What are the top luxury hotels in Pwani Mchangani?

If you are looking for the luxury Hotel in Pwani Mchangani, the the best options are Next Paradise Resort, Marijani Beach Resort and SBH Kilindini Resort.

How long does it take to arrive at Hotel in Pwani Mchangani?

If you take transfer from the Airport to your Hotel in Pwani Mchangani, it takes 1 hour driving time. If you are from Stone Town takes 55 minutes, if you are from Paje Beach or any south beaches around 1 Hour and Half. 

What are some affordable hotels in Pwani Mchangani?

The cheapest options accommodation are less popular, but from our list you can go with Moonshine Villas and Mambo Ocean Resort.

Which hotels offer spa facilities in Pwani Mchangani?

Most of the Hotels in Matemwe have Spa service in Zanzibar, to confirm please check all Hotels from above list, these are some of the hotels that have spa facilities in Pwani Mchangani.

Which Hotels offer Best Restaurant in Pwani Mchangani?

If you are foodie, and looking for the best Hotel restaurants in Pwani Mchangani, then please check Mambo Ocean Resort, Marijani Resort and Moonshine Villa. Read our guide on the best restaurants in Pwani Mchangani. 

What are some family-friendly hotels in Pwani Mchangani?

Almost all Hotels located in Pwani Mchangani are Family-friendly Hotels, please choose your Hotels from the above list.

What are some beachfront hotels in Pwani Mchangani?

All Hotels that you find from our list are the beachfront Hotels. so you are free to choose after checking their details.