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what is the zanzibar islands known for?

Zanzibar is popular known for its beautiful bright beaches, Luxurious five stars hotels, virgin corals for snorkeling and diving.

Also, the old world Red Colobuses Monkey Species which only found in Zanzibar forests on Earth, Quality Spice Exporter islands especially Cloves, also fascinating history like Slave trade, Freddie Mercury, House of Wonders etc. Click above title for more!


What is the best time to visit zanzibar islands?

There are two times which we consider as the best time to visit Zanzibar Islands, from mid June to October and from late December to late March. These two times no rains in case you care about raining.


Where should I book a hotel or which is the best beach to stay in zanzibar?

The best beaches in Zanzibar are Kendwa beach, Nungwi beach, Paje beach, Jambiani beach, Bwejuu beach. Click above title for more!


is zanzibar country?

Tanzania is a country made by the union of two indipendent countries, Zanzibar and Tanganyika (Mainland). So, Zanzibar is a country.


What is the religion in zanzibar?

Zanzibar islands has nearly 99% Muslim population, but there is some other religion families like Hindu, Christians etc.


How do i get from zanzibar airport to my hotel?

Simple, you just need to click here to book a transfer from Zanzibar Airport to any Hotel you want in Zanzibar. Click above title for more!


is it possible to buy visa at zanzibar airport after i arrive ?

Yes, it is possible to get visa at Zanzibar Airport. Price is $50 and for the USA travelers $100.


is there uber in zanzibar?

No, there is no Uber in Zanzibar Islands. If you will need to get around Zanzibar, you will have to get a Taxi or rest a Car.


can i change money at Zanzibar airport?

Yes, you can exchange money at Zanzibar Airport. You can change through The Peoples' Bank of Zanzibar or CRDB Bank.


where can i do covid-19 test in zanzibar?

You can do Covid-19 test at only five centers in Zanzibar; Migombani, Lumumba, Global Hospital, Makunduchi, and for Pemba is Mfikiwa Center. Click above title for more!

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