Covid-19 Test in Zanzibar Guide for Travelers!

doctor at migombani covid-19 centre

This short guide is for you if you are looking for the Hospital to do a Covid-19 test in Zanzibar, and getting your certificate for your flight back. 

Ministry of Health Zanzibar has simplified the whole process. Only thing you need to do is to book a test online in advance before you go to the center. No test without pre-booking!

This guide, will show you step by step process of booking a Covid-19 test here in Zanzibar, so continue to read!


Here at Zanzibar World, We will help you avoid complexity by providing a transport from your Hotel to Covid-19 Center with just one click! 

Soon after you contact us, we will send you a link to book your test, and then we will also provide a transport to pick you from your Hotel to the Hospital and back to your Hotel!

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Covid-19 test in Zanzibar

The Ministry of Health Zanzibar has currently designated only five Centers to do Covid-19 test in Zanzibar. Four Centers are located in Unguja and one in Pemba Island. 

You can select any center of your choice on online booking portal depend on the distance from your Hotel and Hospital.

Here are the Five Centers to Do Civid-19 test in Zanzibar

Migombani Covid-19 Center

This is the public center under the Ministry of Health Zanzibar. This is the most popular center in Zanzibar, which is located near the Airport. About 4.5 km from Zanzibar Airport via Nyerere Road. 

At the old CPS building opposite the military camp and National Microfinance Bank (NMB) atm. 

They are open from 8:00am to 5:30pm. except on Saturday 8:00am to 3:30am and on Sunday 8:00am to 7:30pm.

The price for test is $80 per person. 

Lumumba Covid-19 Center

This is also public Hospital, which is located near the Stone town inside Lumumba Secondary School fence, Behind ZECO headquarter at Makadara street Zanzibar.

They are open from 8:00am to 5:30pm. except on Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 3:30am.

Also, the price for test is $80 per person. 

Tasakhtaa Global Hospital:

You can also select to do Covid-19 test at the Tasakhtaa Global hospital, which is located in Stone Town, at Vuga street. 

This is the private Hospital, and you will also find this on Covid-19 booking portal of Ministry of Health Zanzibar. And they charge $120 per person to do the test. 

They are available daily from Mondays to Sunday 8.00am to 3:30pm

Makunduchi covid-19 center

Is a public Hospital located on south coast of Zanzibar (Unguja). If your hotel is located in Michamvi, Bwejuu, Paje, Jambiani or Kizimkazi, then you should go to do covid-19 test at Makunduchi center. 

mfikiwa covid-19 center

If you are spending your Vacation in Pemba Island, then you should contact your Hotel to organize you the transport to Mfikiwa Covid-19 Center which is located in Kusini Pemba.

And if you want to contact Hospital, here is their contact +255711441425


Transport from Hotel to Hospital


step by step process of booking the Covid-19 test in zanzibar:

In order to do a Civid-19 test in Zanzibar, you must first book an appointment to any center as you have seen above.

This section, will show you step by step to follow when booking for Covid-19 test on the booking Portal of the Ministry of Health Zanzibar.

Here is a link to book a Covid-19 test, but before clicking let see what are the process you will need to follow.

Before booking process, make sure you have; active E-mail address, Passport, Phone number, Tigo Pesa, Visa Card or Master Card.

Okay, here are the process you will go through soon after clicking above booking link!

Home page (start booking page)

step one on covid-19 test booking portal

Click book now button to start booking.

Booking Information

step two on booking portal

This is the booking information step. You will select the type of test, whether RT-PCR Test, Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT), or both two. Also you will select date of the Test, Departure date & time, Test Center of your choice from 5 centers mentioned above. 

We highly recommend you select Migombani Covid-19, Lumumba or Global Hospital. If you are in Pemba Island, select Mfikiwa Covid-19 Center.

Personal Information

covi-19 booking step3

Here you will need to fill your full first, middle, and last names, Birth date, Gender, Occupation (optional), Residential and Nationality.

Here are the four options on residential status, you will select one; Tanzanian, East Africa, Permit, Rest of the World.

Contact information

booing portal step4

Here, you will need to fill your active E-mail and Phone number. Remember to not starting with + sign. This is the most important part for your Covid-19 test booking. 

After they receive your application, they will automatically send you the message on your E-mail to tell if they have received your application.

address information

At this stage, you will required to fill name of your Hotel or Apartment with room number or (Room name/ Villa name).

Then, you will select district which your Hotel is located. Actually, the districts name appeared in Swahili language. 

Here are the meanings. 

Magharibi = West, Mjini = Town, Kati = Central, Kusini = South, Kaskazini = North, 

travelling information

test portal step6

Now, fill your Passport number and then upload photo of your passport, and then fill your arrival date in Zanzibar. Make sure the file must be less than 6MB.

summary of your application

summary of covid-19 application on portal

Here, you will be able to see the summaries of each step you already filled in previous. Personal information, travelling information, contact information and so on. Then you will need to click submit button if your information are correct. 

complete covid-19 test application

Now, if your information was correct, then the application will be received and you will be able to download the copy of your official Covid-19 applications.

Below is how applications looks like if you download.

the looks of covid-19 test applications zanzibar

payment for covid-19 test

Now you have already made an applications for your Covid-19 test, so the next thing is to pay for the test.

There are three options to pay for Covid-19 test; Visa Card or Master Card, Tigo Pesa, and via Peoples’ Bank of Zanzibar.

So, where do you start to pay ?

First, start at the Home page of Zanzibar Covid-19 Test Booking Portal, then press view results

Once you click view results you will need to login using Passport number, then, it will take you here; with the yellow text message says “PENDING PAYMENT

pending payment page

So, you will need to pay for your test now. Its is your choice to pay on Tigo Pesa, Visa Card or Master Card.

After, the payment. Now you will be waiting the date and time of your test, you are required to arrive at the Center 15 minutes before your time. Book a taxi here to arrive at the center on time.

After the test, you will have to wait for the results. The results will be ready within 72 hours. 

To see your results, follow the same process. Just click view results, if they are ready you will find them there!

here is an example of results from one travelers who booked a transport with us.

Frequently Asked Question About Covid-19 in Zanzibar

It takes 72 hours to get your test results

You can get your results by viewing results on Zanzibar Civi-19 test portal.

No, currently they do not provide service. You will only do the test at Migombani, Lumumba, Makunduchi, Mfikiwa and Tasakhtaa Global Hospital in Stone Town.

No, currently there is not any covid-19 Centre in paje


If you are staying south part of Zanzibar, then its easy for you to go Makunduchi covid-19 Center.

About Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test (ag-RDT)

Here are the full important information for travelers about antigen rapid test in Zanzibar

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