The Top Exotic Fruits of Zanzibar: A Fruit-Lover’s Guide

Zanzibar, the tropical Islands located off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, is known for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. 

But did you know that Zanzibar is also a fruit lover’s paradise? The tropical climate and fertile soil of the island make it the perfect place to grow an array of exotic fruits. 

Here are the top fruits that you should try when you visit Zanzibar:

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Also known as Fenesi by the locals, Jackfruit is a large and spiky fruit that is popular in Zanzibar. The fruit has a sweet and tangy taste, and with a texture. 

Jackfruit is eaten when it is ripe and it gives a beautiful smell. Also, Jackfruit is used in many Zanzibar dishes, including curries.



Pineapples are sweet and tangy fruits that are rich in vitamin C. They have a fibrous and juicy texture, and they are a popular fruit in Zanzibar. 

Pineapple is commonly used in smoothies, desserts, and salads. Most of the locals eat this fruit when they have their lunch during the day time.



Papayas are soft and orange-fleshed fruits that are sweet and musky. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are commonly used in salads and smoothies.

Also they can be used to prepare curry. You can buy Papaya from the local markets or just on the street shops in Zanzibar.



Watermelon is a refreshing fruit that is perfect for hot Zanzibar days. It is juicy and sweet with a high water content. Watermelon is considered a delicious and refreshing fruit that fits during tourist activities like Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

You can try it when you go Snorkeling tours in Zanzibar or just around the local markets.

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Bananas are widely available in Zanzibar, and they are sweet and creamy with a variety of colors and sizes. They are used in many Zanzibari dishes, including Ndizi za Nazi, Ndizi za Kukaanga or sometimes they can be mixed with Cassava, Coconut Milk with spices to provide the best taste.



Mangoes are a staple fruit in Zanzibar, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Zanzibar is a tropical Island, it comes with many mango types.

The Zanzibar mangoes might be different from what you have tasted before, they are known for their rich flavor and aroma. This juicy and sweet fruit is commonly used in smoothies, desserts, and you can also try it when going on a half day Spice Farm Tour. 

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Soursop, also known as guanabana, is a tropical fruit that you can never miss when visiting Zanzibar Islands. 

It has a distinctive spiky green skin and creamy white flesh that is soft and juicy with a sweet, tangy, and slightly acidic flavor. It is used in many Zanzibari local Restaurants to make a fresh Soursop Juice.

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Breadfruit has a green, spiky outer skin and a pale yellow or white flesh that is soft and starchy. It is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, and is also low in fat and cholesterol. 

Breadfruit is a seasonal fruit and it is often used in Zanzibar as a substitute for rice in many villages and even Zanzibar Town. Donge village is a famous village which grows this kind of fruit, the village is on the way to Nungwi beach from Stone town



Guavas are fragrant fruits that have a sweet and tangy taste and a crunchy texture when eaten with their seeds. They are commonly used in jams, jellies, and smoothies. 

It is a small, round or oval-shaped fruit with a green or yellow skin and a sweet, juicy flesh that can range in color from white to pink or red. 

These are seasonal fruits, when it becomes its peak season, you can just buy them on the roadside from the local villagers when you have a ride to your Resort. 

Passion fruit:

Passion Fruits

Passion fruit is a tart and juicy fruit that is commonly used in juices, and desserts. It has a unique flavor that is both sweet and sour. 

If you want to try this fruit, you can just buy one from the local fruit shops or you can order fresh Juice from your Hotel. All Hotels in Zanzibar use this fruit type because of its sourness and sweetness. 

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Coconut is a tropical fruit that is widely known and used throughout the world. It is one of the most photographed fruits in the tropical resorts advertising. 

It grows on the coconut palm tree and has a hard, fibrous outer shell that surrounds a creamy white flesh and a refreshing, sweet-tasting juice. 

Coconut can be eaten raw when it is young or coconut milk is cooked with other foods in Zanzibar like Cassava, Potatoes and Rice.



Oranges are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world, loved for their sweet, juicy flesh and refreshing flavor. They are grown in many tropical and subtropical regions and are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.

Oranges are normally eaten raw or used to make fresh juices and smoothies. They are also a popular ingredient in many savory dishes, such as roasted chicken or fish. 

For Zanzibar locals, it is just eaten raw and you can go to some local Restaurants to get its fresh juice and smoothies.

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Known as the “king of fruits” in Southeast Asia, this spiky fruit has a pungent odor and a creamy, custard-like flesh. This is seasonal fruit, if you come to Zanzibar during its time, make sure to try this.  

Durian is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium and vitamin C. It is also rich in antioxidants and contains sulfur compounds that give it its unique flavor and aroma. 

However, durian is not a fruit for everyone. Its strong smell and pungent taste can be off-putting to some people, while others find it to be a delicacy and enjoy its rich and creamy texture.



Starfruit, also known as carambola, is a tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia and is now grown in many tropical regions around the world including Zanzibar Islands

It is named for its unique star-shaped appearance when sliced, with a yellow-green skin and a juicy, translucent flesh.

The flavor of Starfruit is sweet and tangy, with a slightly sour undertone. It can be eaten raw or used in a variety of dishes and beverages, from juices and smoothies to salads. 

Zanzibar soil supports Carambola, and it is normally planted by the locals as a garden in their Houses.



Tangerines are a type of citrus fruit that are closely related to mandarins and are believed to have originated in China. They are small, sweet, and easy to peel, making them a popular snack fruit. 

If you visit Zanzibar at its peak season, then expect to find it in every corner because they are grown in most of Zanzibar Villages, like Bambi, Uzini, Machui and so on.

Tangerines are a good source of vitamin C, which helps support a healthy immune system, as well as fiber and other vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories and fat, making them a healthy addition to your diet.



Also locally known as Balungi, It is the largest of all citrus fruits and can weigh up to several pounds. Pomelo has a thick rind that is green or yellow in color and a juicy, slightly acidic flesh that is usually pale pink or yellow.

Pomelo is a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients such as potassium and vitamin B6.It is often eaten raw, either on its own or can be used to make Juice.


Rambutan fruit

It is called as Shokishoki by the local Zanzibaris, Lychee is a tropical fruit that is grown in many tropical parts of the world, including in Zanzibar islands.

The fruit has a rough, pinkish-red skin that is easy to peel, revealing a white, translucent flesh that is juicy and sweet. In Zanzibar, lychees are often eaten as a refreshment fruit, same as Tangerine.



These are not popular fruits in Zanzibar but they are still available in the Market, especially at Darajani Market in Stone Town. You can Join the Tour of Stone Town to try this fruit. 

Mangosteen fruit has a thick, dark purple rind that is not edible, and a white, juicy flesh inside that is sweet, tangy, and fragrant.

Mangosteens are typically eaten fresh, and are often referred to as the “Queen of Fruits” due to their unique taste and nutritional value. 

The fruit is prized for its soft, juicy texture and complex flavor, which is a combination of sweetness, tartness, and subtle bitterness.

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In conclusion, from now on you know that Zanzibar is not just about seafoods but there are variety of fruits you can try. Zanzibar’s selection of fruits is both diverse and delicious. 

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, tangy, or unique, there’s a fruit in Zanzibar for everyone to enjoy. So, make sure to try as many of these top fruits as you can when you visit this beautiful island! 

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