What to Pack for Zanzibar: A Guide for your Enjoyable Trip!

Are you planning a trip to Zanzibar and want to know what to pack for your Zanzibar vacation? You are in the right place!

Zanzibar is a tropical island just like others you may be familiar with, known for its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. If you’re planning a trip to Zanzibar, it’s important to pack smartly to make the most of your vacation.

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Here is a list of things to pack for Zanzibar, organized by categories:

Sun Protection Items

Sun Protection Items

Bring your sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, especially in the months of January and February.

Pack a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and head from the sun when walking on the beach or in touring the Stone Town.

Protect your eyes from the bright sun on the beach with your pair of sunglasses.


Clothes to pack for zanzibar

Zanzibar is hot and humid, so pack lightweight and comfortable clothing to fit you in the day time.

Pack swimsuits to enjoy the island’s stunning beaches. Also, when going on a day tour like Safari Blue, Mnemba Snorkeling and Blue lagoon.

Bring sarongs or cover-ups to wear over your swimwear when you’re not in the water. Most of the time you go snorkeling and have a rest in the boat.

Pack flip-flops for the beach and walking around the reefs when low ocean tide especially in Michamvi, Paje and Jambiani beach.

Bring comfortable shoes for exploring the island, like going to Spice farm tour and Jozani Forest.

Pack your small beach bag to carry your essentials when walking to the beach.

Bring a good book or e-reader to relax and unwind on the beach or while enjoying the breathtaking Sunset.

Electronics and Accessories

electronics to pack for Zanzibar

Capture your memories of your Zanzibar vacation with your camera or Smartphone

Bring a power bank to keep your electronic devices charged if you are planning outdoor activities.

Keep your phone safe from water damage with a waterproof phone case when going to water activities

Bring your travel adapter for Type D and G electrical sockets

Health and Hygiene Items

Bring a good quality insect repellent if you will go exploring some bush areas.

Pack a basic personal first-aid kit for minor injuries and illnesses.

If you take any essential medications, don’t forget to pack them

Bring hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean and prevent the spread of germs. Especially at this time of Covid-19.

Water Activities Items

swimming items to pack

If you plan to snorkel, bring your own gear or you can just take free snorkeling tools provided in the tour

Pack a beach towel to dry off after a swim. This is not necessary because you can also take one from Hotel

Keep your valuables safe from water damage with a waterproof bag or pouch when doing water activities like Snorkeling and Diving

Travel Essentials

Essentials to pack for Zanzibar

Bring your passport, travel insurance, and any other necessary documents. You can buy a visa from Zanzibar Airport for some countries

Bring some cash in case you need to make purchases where credit cards are not accepted. Read our guide on Zanzibar currency.

If it is okay for you. Bring a travel pillow and blanket for a comfortable flight or a car ride

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We organize a daily half day, Full days & Multi-day  tours in Zanzibar Islands. Take a time to explore and book online!


FAQ on What to Pack for Zanzibar

Can I use my phone in Zanzibar?

Absolutely, you should be able to use your phone in Zanzibar. Zanzibar has a relatively developed telecommunications infrastructure, and mobile phone coverage is generally good in most parts of the islands.

If you need a local sim card, then you can buy one from Zanzibar Airport.

What not to wear in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is a predominantly Muslim society, avoids short dresses in public areas and respects the local customs and traditions.

Also, Zanzibar is a tropical island, and the weather is typically hot and humid. It is best to avoid heavy clothing that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Read our guide on things to know before visiting Zanzibar.

Does Zanzibar have a dress code?

Zanzibar does not have a formal dress code, but it is important to be respectful of the local community. Most of the people follow Islamic dress codes that emphasize modesty.

Do I need a Jacket in Zanzibar?

In general, you do not need a jacket in Zanzibar, as the weather is usually warm and humid throughout the year. But, if you travel during the rainy seasons, you may want to pack a lightweight rain jacket.

Read our guide on Best time to Visit Zanzibar.

Can I do Clothes shopping in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar has a variety of markets and local shops where you can find different items like clothing, hand crafts, and souvenirs.

Read our guide on the Best Shopping in Zanzibar.

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Check our Best Tours & Excursions list

We organize a daily half day, Full days & Multi-day  tours in Zanzibar Islands. Take a time to explore and book online!


In summary, packing smartly for your Zanzibar vacation can enhance your travel experience. Organizing your items before you travel can help you pack efficiently and avoid overpacking. 

This guide will help you to fully enjoy Zanzibar’s beauty and create unforgettable memories of your Holiday to Zanzibar by avoiding stress when planning what you can pack.

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