Zanzibar in March – Is March the Best Time to Visit Zanzibar?

Welcome to the exotic island of Zanzibar, where the crystal clear waters, swaying palms, and cultural heritage create an unforgettable tropical escape. If you’re planning a visit to Zanzibar during March, this guide is for you. Because we will delve into what it is like to be in Zanzibar in the month of March.

Weather in March:

March in Zanzibar marks the transition from the dry season to the beginning of the rainy season (Spring). While temperatures remain warm and inviting, there’s a higher chance of rainfall compared to the preceding months. 

However, this shouldn’t deter you from visiting the Island, as showers are typically short-lived and followed by clear skies. Plus, the lush vegetation that springs to life after the rains adds an extra layer of beauty to the island’s landscape. 

March doesn’t have much rain as it is stated by many travel advisors, you can even finish your week of vacation without even seeing any rain.

Zanzibar Beach life in March

Despite the possibility of occasional showers, March still offers ample opportunities to enjoy Zanzibar’s stunning beaches. Whether you’re lounging on the soft sands of Kendwa beach, snorkeling amidst colorful coral reefs, or taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, the island’s coastal beauty remains a highlight of any visit. 

Just be sure to check with your tour operator regarding the weather of the day. We don’t recommend you use the app because they don’t come with relevance, just ask for your local tour operator like us.

Tropical Fruits:

March is also one of the best months to savor the exotic fruits of Zanzibar. Jackfruits, Pineapple, oranges, and Banana are readily available during this time, tantalizing visitors’ taste buds with their freshness flavors. During this month we recommend you visit the Spice farm and the local Market to taste a variety of fruits.

Marine Adventures & Forest:

For those seeking aquatic adventures, March offers prime conditions for diving and snorkeling in Zanzibar’s pristine waters. Despite the occasional rainfall, underwater visibility remains excellent, providing glimpses of vibrant coral gardens, tropical fish, and other marine life. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice snorkeler, March presents an ideal opportunity to explore the wonders of the Indian Ocean.

In regard to the forest, you still can visit either Jozani forest or Ngezi in Pemba island. The rain is still doest effect the the tour to explore the wildlife of Zanzibar. You can still enjoy spending your time with the Red Colubus Monkey, Vervet Monkey, Pemba Flying Fox in Ngezi and so on.

Fewer Crowds

shops in nungwi beach

March sees fewer tourists compared to the peak season months, allowing visitors to enjoy a more tranquil and laid-back atmosphere. With fewer crowds at popular attractions and accommodations, you’ll have more space to relax and savor the serenity of Zanzibar’s natural beauty.

Why should someone visit Zanzibar in March?

If you want to visit Zanzibar and still stay in luxury resorts and do a lot of activities at the cheapest prices, then this is among the cheapest months to visit. All resorts lower their prices to attract more tourists, and also for the local tour operators.

Learn more about what to pack for your Zanzibar vacation here!

FAQ on Visiting Zanzibar in March

Is March a good time to Visit Zanzibar?

Visiting Zanzibar from early to mid March is absolutely good time to visit. Because there sre still no rains. 

Can you swim in Zanzibar in March?

Yes, you can swim in Zanzibar at anytime of the year. Remember that the best beaches for swimming are Kendwa & Nungwi because they dont experience very high ocean tide compared to Michamvi, Jambiani and Paje

Does it rain a lot in Zanzibar in the month of March?

Starting 21st March, Zanzibar is starting to experience Spring season, but it is still not too much rain until around early April.

What is the best time to visit Zanzibar?

In general, the best time to visit Zanzibar is from July to late March. But We highly recommend you learn more from our guide.

When is the cheapest time to visit Zanzibar?

The cheapest time to visit Zanzibar is during low season. This time hotels and resorts become cheap due to the low number of tourists. 

Learn more from our guide about the cheapest time to visit Zanzibar.

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