Red Colobus Monkey

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About Red Colobus Monkey

The Zanzibar red colobus, scientifically referred to as Piliocolobus kirkii, is an exclusive species of red colobus monkey native to the Zanzibar Islands at Jozani Forest. Named after Sir John Kirk, the British Resident of Zanzibar who initially brought it to the notice of zoological science, it is also known as Kirk’s red colobus. This unique primate has attained endangered species status, prompting its adoption as the flagship species for conservation in Zanzibar during the mid-1990s.

Jozani Forest is considered as the Home of these species, but they also can be found in other small forests in Zanzibar like Ngezi forest in Pemba island, Masingini Forest and Bumbwini Mangrove forest.If you are looking to Zanzibar, we highly recommend you visit Jozani forest to interact with these beautiful primates.

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