Forodhani Garden/ Night Market

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About Forodhani Garden

Forodhani Gardens, alternatively recognized as Forodhani Night Market, is a small park nestled in the historic city of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Situated along the primary seawalk of Stone Town, it lies directly in front of two iconic structures, namely the House of Wonders and the Old Fort.

This is the must visit place if you visit Stone Town, this place is the famous departure point to Prison Island.

The Forodhani Night Market comes to life, particularly at the time of the sunset, making it the optimal time to experience Forodhani Garden watching the sunset. During this period, a diverse mix of tourists and locals converges in the bustling food street market within the main square. Here, they are enjoying their dinner while savoring a variety of Zanzibari cuisine, including Urojo (Zanzibar Mix), grilled seafood, samoosas, Kahawa, cassava, Zanzibar pizza, and sweet potatoes.

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