Anglican Church - Former Slave Market

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Overview of Anglican Church - Former Slave Market

The Anglican church, also known as the former slave market, is an Anglican cathedral in Zanzibar Stone Town. One among the popular attractions which attracts thousands of tourists to visit in Stone Town. Erected over a span of seven years, from the laying of the foundation stone on Christmas Day in 1873 to the grand opening on Christmas Day in 1879, this architectural marvel was built based on the vision of Edward Steere, the third Anglican bishop of Zanzibar, who actively contributed to its design. Like many structures in Stone Town, it is built with coral stones. Notably, it boasts a unique concrete roof formed in an unconventional barrel vault, which was the Steere idea.

Situated along Mkunazini Road in the heart of the old town, the church occupies a substantial area that was once the site of Zanzibar’s largest slave market. The construction of the cathedral was purposefully undertaken to commemorate the abolition of slavery, symbolizing a profound historical shift. Interestingly, the altar is positioned precisely where the primary “whipping post” of the former market once stood, adding a poignant layer of significance to the cathedral’s location and purpose.

The closest attraction to the former slave Market is Darajani Market, which is the main local Market of which is still being used to sell the local fruits, spices and seafood.

Images of Anglican Church/ Former Slave Market

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