Darajani Market

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Overview of Darajani Market

The Darajani Market (or Bazaar) is the main local Market in Zanzibar islands. It is also known as Estella Market (after Countess Estella, sister of Lloyd Mathews, Prime Minister of Zanzibar) and informally known as Marikiti Kuu by some locals. The market is located along Darajani Road which goes from Malindi and Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, the closest landmarks are the Anglican Cathedral Church which is also known as a Former Slave Market and Train’s House (Jumba la Treni).

Constructed in 1904 by Bomanjee Maneckjee for Sultan Ali bin Hamud, the primary structure of the market underwent subsequent extensions and restoration over time.

Currently, the Darajani Bazaar is mainly a food market for all locals who live in Stone Town where they always go buying seafood, meat, fruits, grains, and spices. Close to Darajani Market there are also other shops which sell a number of different items, like Sourvenirs, Clothes, Tools and consumer electronics. If you are planning to visit the market, then we highly recommend you visit in the morning 9:00am – 11:00am or in the evening 17:00 – 18:30.

Images of Darajani Market in Stone Town

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