Best Hotels to Stay in Makunduchi

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Explore Our Best Hotels in Makunduchi

Here is the list of our handpicked Hotels in Makunduchi Zanzibar. Take a time to explore and let us help you plan your best holiday!

FAQ about Best Hotels in Makunduchi

What are the popular Hotels in Makunduchi Beach?

Some of the favored hotels for travelers seeking accommodations in Makunduchi include Nest Style Resort, Clove Island Resort and One Resort.

What are the top-rated resorts in Makunduchi?

There are no many Hotels in Makunduchi compared to other beaches, but One Resort and Nest Style are the top rated Hotels by the travelers. 

What are the popular activities to do at Makunduchi Beach?

Makunduchi is not far from Jambiani, so it possible to organize all activities from Spice farms, Safari Blue trip, Stone Town, Safari Blue to the Rock Restaurant.

What are the top luxury hotels in Makunduchi?

The luxurious Hotels in Makunduchi are Nest Style Resort and One Resort. But there are some budget Lodges and Hotels you can find in Makunduchi.

Which hotels offer spa facilities in Makunduchi?

Most of the Hotels in Zanzibar have Spa service, to confirm all above are some of the hotels that have spa facilities in Makunduchi.

Which Hotels offer Best Restaurant in makunduchi Beach?

If you are foodie, and looking for the best Hotel restaurants in Makunduchi, then please check our guide on the best restaurants in Makunduchi. 

What are some family-friendly hotels in Makunduchi?

Almost all above Hotels from our list are best for families, couples and friends. Please contact us for any advice about Hotels.