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Book a taxi from Zanzibar Airport to your Hotel in Uroa beach.

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We use best cars to satisfy our clients. Our cars fit for any type of travelers, Sole travelers, Couples, Families, and Groups.


This is for 7 – 14 Travelers

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24/7 Taxi from Zanzibar Airport to Uroa

Book a taxi to Uroa today! 

We offer a comfortable taxi transfer service from Zanzibar Airport to Uroa beach at 24/7 time with the lowest best prices. Booking with us is hassle-free, just click “Book Now” button. We are waiting to contact you promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zanzibar Airport to uroa taxi: Questions and Answers

Driving time from Zanzibar Airport to Uroa takes 56 minutes. But also depends on traffics at Zanzibar city.

The price for the transfer from Zanzibar Airport to Uroa is $35.

The distance from Zanzibar Airport and Uroa 63.3 Km

Yes, it is possible! If you want to.

First transfer, we pick you at Zanzibar Airport to your Hotel, and then on your departure day we pick you from your Hotel in Uroa to the Airport.

We do accept these currencies to pay for our taxi service; US dollars, Euros, TZ Shillings.

why getting from zanzibar airport to Uroa with us?

  • Free Waiting Fees

    You don't have to worry, we do not charge waiting fee at the Airport. The driver will be waiting for picking up to Uroa.

  • Friendly Drivers

    We are friendly, informative and experienced driver for the route between Uroa beach and the Airport.

  • 24/7 Taxi in Service

    We provide full time taxi service between the Airport to Uroa. No matter when you arrive at the Airport, we will pick up.

  • Best price guaranteed

    We proud to offer taxi service at the best prices in Zanzibar Island, book today and prove!

Uroa beach Zanzibar:

Uroa beach village is located on East coast of Unguja Island (Zanzibar). This is among popular beach in Zanzibar Islands, with beautiful sea breezes. Now, Uroa beach is popular for tourist who arrive in Zanzibar because of availability of economic Hotels. 

Popular Things to Do in Uroa: Pick a taxi with us today, and here are some things to do in Uroa beach. Go swimming with turtles in Nungwi, Beach walking, go kiting, Uroa village experience etc. 

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Getting to Uroa from zanzibar Airport

When looking for the way to get to Uroa beach from Zanzibar Airport, you need to understand that, there are different options already mentioned on different travel blogs out there, this is because Uroa has become among the most famous place travelers stay for their vacation in Zanzibar. But, these options sometimes may not be best options for you.

Here are some options to get to to your Hotel in Uroa,

Option one, is taking a taxi at Zanzibar Airport, taxis are always available during the day time. You don’t have to book them earlier to get these taxis at the Airport, but remember that the prices are not constant, it depends on how busy is at the Zanzibar Airport. Sometimes there will be too much crowds at the Airport, especially during arrival time of biggest flights like Azur Air, Royal Flights, Nordwinds etc.

Another option is to take a Dala Dala, which is considered as public transport in Zanzibar islands, this is cheap option to reach Uroa, but too much hassle, it is not best option if you are coming to Zanzibar for the Holiday, it takes long time to arrive in Uroa compared to the private taxi. In case you are coming for the purpose to explore the real culture of Zanzibar people, Dala dala might be an option. 

Best way to get from the airport to Uroa

So, the best way to get from Zanzibar airport to Uroa is to order a taxi before you arrive at Zanzibar Airport, and for this reason, that is why we are here to provide a taxi after you arrive at the Airport, driver will be waiting with your Name.

We highly recommend a travelers use this type of transport if they want to get to their Hotels from Zanzibar Airport, because you will be able to arrange costs and time earlier, and everything is becoming flexible in you vacation to Zanzibar.