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24/7 Taxi from Zanzibar Airport to Chwaka

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If you are looking for a car to take you from Zanzibar Airport to Chwaka beach, here is a perfect place to book your taxi. We provide a taxi from Airport to all beaches in Zanzibar including Chwaka beach. We provide a taxi in 24/7 time with the best prices.

To book is simple, just click below “Book Now” button. We are ready to contact you prompt and meet your driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zanzibar Airport to chwaka taxi: Questions and Answers

The driving time between Zanzibar Airport and Chwaka takes 50 minutes

Price of taxi from Zanzibar Airport to Chwaka is $33.

The distance between Zanzibar Airport and Chwaka 33.7 Km 

Yes, it is possible! If you want to. 

The first transfer, we pick you at Zanzibar Airport to your Hotel, and then on your departure day we pick you from your Hotel in Chwaka to the Airport.

Of course! We do accept these currencies to pay for our taxi service; US dollars, Euros, TZ Shillings.

why getting from zanzibar airport to Chwaka with us?

  • Free Waiting Fees

    We do not charge waiting fee at the Airport. The driver will be waiting for picking up and driving to Chwaka.

  • Friendly Drivers

    We are friendly, informative and experienced driver to pick you from the Airport to Chwaka.

  • 24/7 Taxi in Service

    We provide full time taxi service from the Zanzibar Airport to Chwaka. No matter when you arrive at the Airport, we will pick up.

  • Best price guaranteed

    We proud to offer taxi service at the best prices in Zanzibar Island, book today and prove us!

Chwaka Zanzibar:

Chwaka fishers village is located on East coast of Unguja Island (Zanzibar). The most famous hotel in Chwaka known as “Chwaka Bay Resort” Chwaka is near the famous Forest in Zanzibar, Jozani Forest. 

Popular Things to Do in Chwaka: Visit local fish market, Visit Jozani forest to watch Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey etc.

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Zanzibar Aiport to Chwaka Bay Resort

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Getting to Chwaka from zanzibar Airport

There are different transport options in Zanzibar, like Taxis, Boda Boda, Dala dala etc. If you want to arrive in Chwaka village from Zanzibar Airport, you can take a taxi at Zanzibar Airport, no need to book before but you do not have sure how much they will charge, most of the time is High price especially during busy day at the Airport. Another option to get to Chwaka is by picking up a Dala Dala. Dala dala is considered as public transport here in Zanzibar, this is cheap but too much hassle and cars are not clean, it is not best option if you go to Chwaka for a Holiday.

Best way to get from the airport to Chwaka

So, the best way to get from Zanzibar airport to Chwaka is to order a taxi before you arrive at Zanzibar Airport, and for this reason, that is why we are here to provide you a taxi! 

We highly recommend a travelers use this type of taxi transport, because this is the efficient way to get from Zanzibar Airport. You will be able to plan both costs and time for your transports even before you arrive in Zanzibar.